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The International Studies Foundation is situated in Madrid, Spain with the aim of becoming a benchmark institution for disseminating the values of the American educational system in Spain and complementing the educational social work of the prestigious American university CIS University.

Founded on humanistic principles, the foundation develops various social programs in Spain and the United States, promoting initiatives, implementing projects and activities that strengthen university education and benefit society.

Through international social-educational initiatives, it supports the development and growth of children, youth and families in disadvantaged situations, and involves, through collaboration agreements, private companies and government entities in order to work together to achieve a positive impact in today's and tomorrow's society.


Our mission is to generate a positive impact on thousands of young people, through educational initiatives that focus on the development of the person from a humanistic perspective and offering them the necessary tools so that they have access to a better future and can become the leaders of tomorrow.


A world where all young people have access to training in values and where they can grow up in safe environments that allow them to develop their potential and have access to the same opportunities regardless of where they come from.


Education is the fundamental pillar of any society. All our initiatives have an important component of education in order to train people better who contribute positively to their community and society.

We work so that hundreds of young people have the same access to opportunities, regardless of their origin or socioeconomic situation.

One of our priorities is the integrity of people. We offer programs that train and educate young people to develop ethical and moral values ​​based on a predisposition to do the right thing no matter who is watching them.

The way we relate to others is just as important as how we relate to ourselves. That is why we believe in the importance of providing safe environments where young people can grow and develop through continuous learning.

“The youth of today will be the leaders of tomorrow.” At ISF we see the concept of Leadership as a continuous learning process that requires strong values ​​and a high degree of responsibility. It is through this process that a positive impact can be achieved as an individual and as part of society.

Our Projects

The International Studies Foundation develops interdisciplinary programs both in Spain and in the U.S. related to education, culture and social integration.

A social sports school co-organized with the Real Madrid Foundation

An International project of cultural exchange and personal development

A university scholarship program to study in Spain

A formative program in the English language for young people

International Studies Foundation The fourth annual “Rastrillo 305” bazaar was a success
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The fourth annual “Rastrillo 305” bazaar was a success.

The fourth annual “Rastrillo 305” bazaar was a resounding success, illuminating the Key Biscayne, Miami community once again with a night full of art, music, food and cooperation. This event was organized by International Studies Foundation, together with ML Events and Club Expats. This charity event has become one of the most anticipated and appreciated

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International Studies Foundation November 4, IV Edition of Rastrillo 305, the charity event of the year
International Studies Foundation

November 4, IV Edition of Ratrillo 305, the charity event of the year.

On November 4, 2023, Miami will witness the 4th edition of “El Rastrillo 305”, a successful charity event whose main objective is to promote Spanish culture and the social responsibility of the community, reinforcing cultural ties between Spain and Miami. The event organized by International Studies Foundation (ISF), CIS University Corporate Social Responsibility, M&L Events

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International Studies Foundation

Unpacking the Differences: Corporate Donations vs. Corporate Sponsorships

Dear reader! As we approach the conclusion of our discussion on corporate giving, I thought it would be good to circle back and clarify the differences between Corporate Donations and Corporate Sponsorships. So, without further ado, let’s dive in! Corporate Donations: The Gift that Keeps Giving Corporate Donations are typically generous financial contributions given by

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Our Members

None of this would be possible without the help of our collaborating partners.

Let's change the world together!

Find out the different ways you can help us change the lives of hundreds of young people and families

Let's change the world together!

Find out the different ways you can help us change the lives of hundreds of young people and families

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